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The New Wasaga Beach

Wasaga beach is a Canadian town located at the southern end of Ontario's Georgian bay and is the worlds longest fresh water beach stretching 14 kilometres in length.

During the early 1900s, families began to discover the area and would enjoy picnics and holidays throughout the summer months. In the 1940s, while stationed at a military base, servicemen from across Canada would visit the amusement park and made the beach known across the country.After the war finished, Wasaga Beach continued to become a hot spot for cottages and picnics.

On November 30th 2007, a major fire destroyed 90% of the buildings along the street mall of beach 1 causing approximately 5 million in damages. To push through these economic challenges, a new development plan was created in late January 2017, a 20+ year project costing about 625 million which would broken down into 5 phases.

What we can expect to be developed includes:

*Community Hub

*Town Square

* Festival Square

*Beach Board walk

*Water Park

.... And many more.

I've been coming to this beach for over a decade now, and and the changes I saw this year have me extremely optimistic that this development plan will be the best thing to happen for Wasaga Beach in a very long time! I can't wait to see what's next for this town.


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