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Exploring Allan Gardens

For those of you who didn't know, Allan Gardens is one of Toronto's oldest parks offering an incredible conservatory. The five greenhouses cover approximately 16 000 square feet housing some incredible plants such as the cacti, jade vines, cattleya orchids, and my favourite, the banana palm.

The original conservatory was built in 1879 and used for concerts and social events but unfortunately burnt down in 1902 and was replaced by the new existing palm conservatory. The additions to the greenhouse came from all over the city. The cactus house was moved from

The Exhibition in the 1950s, as well as the University of Toronto green house from the 30s.

Something I didn't know, was that the conservatory offers seasonal events during the fall and winter seasons such as the poinsettias spread across the conservatory and the statue of Leda.


Of course, I couldn't resist doing a photoshoot in the conservatory as well, so here is one of my favourite summer looks from Club Monaco.

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