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What's in My Bag

When it comes to travel, there’s two things to remember; Travel light and travel smart. In this blog post, I’m going to share with you some tips and tricks to smart traveling along with whats in my bag.

I learnt the hard way when going through customs, with enhanced security these days you need to ensure you’re not wearing any jewelry along with keys or any another electronics on you. Its best to keep these items in your carry on or bag to avoid wasting time taking them on and off. Unless you’re going away to Europe and you need to pack for multiple weeks at a time, when I say travel light, I mean LIGHT.

Recently I had the pleasure of travelling both to New York and Miami and for both trips all I brought was my carry on and a mini backpack. I was pleased to know that you are in fact allowed to bring a mini back pack onto of your carry on. I brought my navy carry on luggage from Away with me which was perfect because the suitcase itself was so light, I was able to squeeze in a ton of outfits for the week ahead. One of the things I love so much about their luggage other than the fact that its so lightweight, is that their suitcases have a built in portable battery pack. This was one of things that drew me to the brand when I first discovered them a couple years back. Because I’m always on the go working, this carry on allows me that extra boost of power I need to keep working all day! Inside my luggage I keep my cords organized by keeping them in cord organizer from Porteplay, this sleek bag keeps all my cords together and nothing gets tangles (talk about a time saver!)

If you didn’t know this yet, I’m actually terrified of flying, besides the turbulence and sudden drops that occur during flights, its the change of sound from the engine that scares me. I try to relax (with a glass of wine, or five), and always make sure to listen to music which helps calm me down. To keep my travels light, I like to use my Jabra elite active 65t wireless headphones because they’re lightweight, wireless, offer incredible quality, and are noise proof (perfect for avoiding scary plane noises)

This year my New Years resolution was to focus on quality vs quantity when it came to my clothing. I find myself wearing a lot of neutral colours such as navy, white, black and cream and elevating it with a designer piece such as a Gucci belt or LV necklace. Adding these staples pieces not only elevated the outfit, but it also made my luggage a WHOLE lot lighter!

Finally, skincare. I’m still discovering what works for me at the moment, but one thing is for sure, you need to ensure any skincare or liquids you bring with you is under 100ml, especially if you’re just brining a carry on with you. Right now the products that I don’t go anywhere without is my mineral 89 from Vichy and my Lamer moisturizing face cream.

I hope you’re able to use these tips and tricks to your advantage, save time and use it where it counts. I find travelling a lot less stressful now and find myself wanting to explore even. Now what are you waiting for, it's travel time!!


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