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Milky's Toronto

One of my favourite things to do is walk around the city and scout for cute coffee shops. One of the reasons I enjoy travelling is you get the opportunity to see new things and experience the coffee culture in different ways. As much as I love Toronto, much like any city; When you live there for many years, there comes a point where you’ve seen it all.

I’ve been feeling quite uninspired recently and had the opportunity to travel for work. I went to Los Angeles and felt rejuvenated as the warm sun hit my face. After the much needed vitamin D, I decided upon my arrival back home I would find a new dining/coffee joint. Scrolling through instagram we came across a new coffee shop called Milky’s. A Scandinavian looking minimalistic space with a gorgeous light coloured wood interior. I instantly fell in love and headed over the next day.

Milky’s, located on Dundas street West, had its soft launch at the end of January and is now officially open. They currently offer a few variations of coffee, lattes, cappuccinos and more, and offer alternatives to milk and soy such as oat milk (my absolute favourite!!) They also offer a few pastries which they source from Forno Cultura.

If you’re looking for a cute coffee shop offering you both aesthetic for the gram and great coffee this is the place to be. Just keep in mind its currently a stand up coffee shop, although I hear seating may be a possibility for the near future!


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